What are you looking for?


Are you looking for a great safe place to be encouraged, challenged, loved and inspired? Are you ready to get involved with serving others and not just sitting around focusing on yourself? Are you ready to be part of a group who puts JESUS CHRIST first and teaches that Jesus is GOD? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Saint Paul UMYF is for you! We may not be perfect, but we know the ONE who is perfect and we would like you to know Him!

Landry Harrell

"UMYF is the most “lit” place to be!"

What do our youth say?

Matt Sorrels

“Growing up through my middle school years and all through my high school life, Saint Paul UMYF has been a place for me that I always know I can go to and be accepted and truly cared for. It has not only furthered my walk with Christ greatly, but it has also given me the feeling of a second family that's constantly providing support and helping me to mature as a person in general.”

Experiences bond us together.


Have you ever been in a group or club whose total focus is entertainment with a little Jesus tossed in? You will notice a big difference right away in our group. Oh yes, we have so much fun! But we also have a great balance of constantly presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, challenging you to use your faith AND great fun!


Tired of the same old thing?

Nothing beats a huge water balloon fight behind the church on a hot day. Or filling up the Fellowship Hall with fog, crazy lights, loud music and 800 finger rockets! Or even, deep in prayer in our quiet youth chapel.

You can’t help but to feel close to God at the top of a beautiful mountain or in the embrace of friends after learning your family member just passed away. With every experience memories are made that last a lifetime.

We want you to build memories that connect you to the church and to the One for whom the church is built, JESUS CHRIST. You may out grow UMYF, but you will never out grow of the church!

Sam Andrews

“For me it’s like a family. Some of my best times have been at UMYF.”

Hunter Collins

“I have been changed, both inside and out!”

UMYF is back and kicking!

Join us EVERY Sunday night in the YOUTH SUITE.

Doors open: 5pm

Supper:       6pm

Finished:     7:30pm

Worship Leader